The Connection Point: You and your baby – the beautiful bond

Let’s get straight to the point. The Connection Point, that is. 

Our online program is designed to teach you the art of infant massage. 

Over 4 short weeks, our team of experts will help you connect with yourself, your baby and other mums. Plus, we provide constant support as you build these relationships. 

The next program intake commences Wednesday, 26 January 2022. 

So, what’s included?

As part of the program, you’ll receive:

Exclusive membership in our private Facebook group, especially for program participants, where you can exchange ideas, ask questions, and grow friendships.

Weekly recordings of infant massage techniques and routines

A weekly Zoom meeting with facilitator Brooke Carrington, where you can practice and ask any questions

Videos and handouts from other healthcare professionals, including a nutritionist, women’s health physio and child and family therapist

Spaces are limited, so get in touch to secure your place.

Why participate online? 

We’re all too aware that while becoming a new parent is an amazing experience, it also comes with a new set of challenges. 

Time – We know that getting baby ready for an outing, packing the nappy bag, wrangling them into their car seat and driving while they’re fussing can take a lot of time and energy for sleep deprived parents. By joining our online program, the only time you’ll need to set aside is a couple of minutes to brew a cup of tea and log on.

Organisation – Life gets super busy with unexpected visitors, appointments, and a whole new member of the family to contend with! By completing The Connection Point online, you’ll be given the materials and support to learn infant massage in your own time (alongside a weekly Zoom meeting to ask any questions!).

Travel – If you’re living in a regional area, we’re all too aware it can be difficult to find the resources you need to fill your cup as your family grows. Parents all over Australia can join our online program and learn infant massage, no matter where you live.

Worry – With a whole other, fragile human to worry about, the current health landscape might be leaving you feeling isolated and on edge. Infant massage is a great way to relieve parental stress and lower cortisol levels. Plus, you won’t need to worry about picking up any bugs by completing The Connection Point online.

More on the miracle of touch

Touch is the first sense that develops in utero. 

Delicate hands wrapped tightly around your thumb. Soft kisses on their tiny feet. Strong, loving arms cuddling little bodies. All these special moments are delights of becoming a new mum or dad – but did you know they are so much more than meets the eye?

Your baby uses touch to learn, explore and develop close, meaningful relationships with those around them… including YOU! 

Infant massage is an incredible skill which can help you enjoy the miracle of touch with your baby like never before

The benefits of infant massage

Among many other amazing benefits, learning infant massage can:

  • Grow your bond with your baby,
  • Support their development; and, 
  • Boost your own physical and psychological health

Read more about infant massage and its impact on health and development for you and your baby here.

To start your infant massage journey or find out more, get in touch