Founder of Myo & Barn.

After starting my career in remedial massage and having a keen interest in sports, rehabilitation and injury prevention, I spent my first few years predominately working in these areas and enjoyed opportunities travelling with sporting teams internationally.

It was during my first pregnancy that I began to wonder how I would massage my own baby, and that inspired me to learn more about infant massage.

Infant massage helped me discover my baby’s needs and communication signals. I was amazed by the many benefits and how they enhanced my pregnancy journey, and I wanted to share this experience with others. And so Myo & Barn was born!

With a new-found passion for supporting women, families and their support networks into parenthood, I also became skilled in perinatal massage.

Now, my extensive training with Pregnancy Massage Australia® allows me to support others through their pregnancy journey and beyond.

My qualifications:

Diploma Remedial Massage
Pregnancy Massage practitioner
Certified Infant massage instructor
Diploma of Management
Kangatrainer Instructor
Certified Babywearing Consultant

Brooke Carrington

Here at Myo & Barn our mission is to Enhance Health, Happiness & Wellbeing. Our vision is about creating:


Rhonda is our superstar receptionist and administration.

Here are a couple of fun facts about Rhonda.

✨ Rhonda is my Mum
✨Favourite food? Prawns
✨Favourite colour? Blue
✨What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve done in public? I have two – wearing different colour and height shoes downtown for hours or wearing sunglasses with one lense missing during busy school pickup. Totally unaware on either occasion.
✨If you were a dog, what breed would you be? Jack Russell – I do not like to stay still.
✨What do you like most about working at Myo & Barn? I have a fabulous, energetic boss and get to meet wonderful people

Rhonda is so grateful for having had the best Dad, Mum, sister, brother and best upbringing with fabulous extended family always around.  My own family, friends, new and old, fill my life with love.

What’s in our unique name and logo?

Myo is a prefix meaning ‘a relationship to muscle’ & Barn in the word for child/baby in many languages. M&B is also the first letter of my name and my husband.

The logo represents mum on the outside, baby in the middle, a nurturing hand and the leaf adds an element of purity.

With our focus on remedial, pregnancy and infant massage, the unique name and logo was the perfect fit for us.